The Best of Connie Willis

I recently finished The Best of Connie Willis. a great read!  I really like Connie’s writing.  She has a very straightforward and enjoyable style.  She writes science fiction with a variety of topics and settings.  Her stories deal with everything from post-apocalyptic life to alien visitations to spirits.  Most of her books and stories have some humor which always comes with a point, often sneaking up on you at the very end.  Her time travel stories are probably some of my favorites, she manages to let her characters travel through time without running into the usual paradoxes.   Perhaps part of the reason that she appeals to me is because she is close to my age, so I identify with her.  It is also fun that some of her stories happen in Colorado so I recognize the places.

I am having a very hard time choosing a favorite from these stories.” The Winds of Marble Arch” has a wonderful appreciation for life.  “The Fire Watch” makes life during the Blitz in London for the normal person real.

I think the great thing about Connie’s writing is that she takes the everyday aspects of an average person’s life and puts a spin on them that makes them interesting and touching.


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