Small Plates: Colorado Springs

July 7, 2012

Tapas and small plates seem to be the newest thing in eating out.  We really enjoy them.  I like being able to taste several dishes without feeling stuffed.  We have found several places in Colorado Springs that serve them in various formats.  The key that ties them all together is that they serve well prepared food that is a joy to eat!

Nosh was one of the first places in town to offer small plates.  They offer a nice variety.  We like their spicy bowls and mac and cheese.  Their brussels sprouts and cauliflower are really popular, but I haven’t been able to appreciate them.  I do wish they would change their menu a little more often.  The restaurant is modern and open.

Motif offers similar variety of mostly American style foods.  I like the shrimp, chicken bites, and steak.  They are only open Thursday – Saturday.  If you can sit outside, the atmosphere is great and the music isn’t so overwhelming.

Tapateria is the only place in town that we have found that offers the smaller Spanish style tapas.   Their menu offers lots of variety.  I like the shrimp and the chorizo with dates.  They always have a few specials which are great.  They pride themselves in using local products.  The space feels like a small European bar.

Some other restaurants in town that we enjoyed that have small plates  are Margarita at Pine Creek,  Steaksmith, and MacKenzie’s.  While they all also offer full size meals they also have some great appetizers or small plates that can make a meal.


The Blue Goat

March 1, 2012

We recently flew to Oregon to visit our new grand-daughter and her parents.  We had a great time with them and also had a little time to sightsee and eat out.  We had a great lunch at The Blue Goat in Amity and then visited Amity Vineyards.  They do serve some goat.  We had a goat empanada that was really good and then split a wonderful grilled cheese and tomato soup.  The whole meal was great.  Amity Vineyard is really interesting.  The wine was very good.  It feels more like a real winery than the fancy tasting rooms so many wineries have.  The young woman who helped us was great!  She know a lot about the wine.  We could only bring a couple of bottles home since we were flying, but we may go back.

Beautiful Colorado!

January 21, 2012

We went for a drive to Salida, Colorado and then home along US 24 through Woodland Park.  There wasn’t a lot of snow.  The views along the route were beautiful!  We stopped for lunch at the Twisted Cork in Salida.  The food and service were both very good.  For lunch they serve a number of sandwiches along with some Asian stir fry dishes.  It was a great trip!

Collegiate Range

Canyon de Chelly

October 31, 2011

We took a short trip to New Mexico and Arizona last week. It was a good time to get away, we missed the snow! We enjoy visiting the Southwest. There’s a lot to see and do. We left on Monday and spent a night at the Inn of the Governors in Santa Fe. It’s a great location close to the plaza and very comfortable. We had dinner at the outside patio of the Inn of the Anasazi. The small plates were great.

Canyon de Chelly

We left the next morning for Chinle, Arizona. It is a beautiful drive across New Mexico and into Arizona. Canyon de Chelly is a complex of canyons with Anasazi ruins. The canyons are beautiful. The only way to tour the floor of the canyon is with a Navajo guide. We took a tour organized by the Thunderbird Lodge in an open truck. The tour was really good, but we had rain and hail. We did get to see the waterfalls all along the canyon which most people never see.

Anasazi Dwellings


After two nights at Chinle we drove home by way of Durango.  We made a short stop at Mesa Verde.

Mesa Verde

Wolf Creek Pass



October 12, 2011

We had a very nice evening in the bar at the Sunbird on Friday.  We have always enjoyed going there to listen to the jazz combo.  This time the menu and service had improved a lot.  They seem to be undergoing a change in management.  The bar menu was much improved and the service more attentive.  We spoke to a manager and she said that they are making changes to both the bar menu and the dining room menu.  We’ll have to try it for dinner sometime soon.


September 6, 2011

I am sure you are wondering why I should start a blog.  My kids keep telling me to start it to keep my brain active and keep from getting bored in retirement.  That doesn’t tell you why you should read it.  I have traveled quite a bit and will be posting reviews and pictures from trips.  If you have any questions on the places we have traveled, I will be glad to answer those questions.  I also read a lot, mostly science fiction, and eat out frequently; so I will be sharing any gems I find in those areas.

Who am I?  It’s hard to decide what is most important – wife, mother, traveler, retired CPA, reader, sort of foodie, and many other things that will pop out as I continue this blog.

Thanks for trying me out.  I hope you find something useful!